Comprehensive Digital Joint & Muscle Therapy Clinic on Cloud


PHYSIOAI: Powered by AI; Delivered by Therapist

Computer Vision & AI driven Uber platform for Physiotherapists that redefines the complete therapy experience. ... Brings best-in-class processes with an easy to use system, digitizing every stage of physiotherapy to create a comprehensive evidence based therapy system.

Physiotherapy 2.0: The Digital Way

Digitizing the end to end physiotherapy process with AI tools, extending therapist's capacities beyond human capabilities.... The therapists can deliver digital services across the process of patient registration, full body assessment, personalized care plan, in-therapy measurements & wellness


PHYbot : The Virtual Physiotherapist CoBOT

PHYbot is the Virtual Therapist CoBot (Collaborative BOT) that has the power to see,analyze body joints, measure flexibility & recommend therapies. ... PHYbot is the only known Physiotherapy CoBot that can identify & analyze over 30 body joints, measure 17 angles simultaneously in real time. It works in two modes; in supervised mode as assistant to the Physiotherapists, and in independent mode to become a virtual therapist, coach, companion for the patients.

TelePHYbot Platform

TelePHYbot is the only known computer vision enabled TeleHealth platform specifically designed for Physiotherapists to deliver virtual therapies ... Off the shelf video conference solutions are ineffective for physiotherapy. TelePHYbot enables therapists to deliver therapies and also measure Range-of-motion, muscle flexibility, posture correctness virtually and in real time; making inter-city and international therapy deliveries possible.


'Phygital' (Physical + Digital) anytime, anywhere reality

PhysioAI with the PHYbot enables a PHYGITAL reality by seamlessly integrating onsite and virtual touchpoints between patient & physiotherapists.... PhysioAI is the only known platform for physiotherapists that enables anytime, anywhere, any mode (In-person, virtual) mode of physiotherapy

How does it work

Enable & Enhance

Physiotherapist capacity with PHYbot and TelePHYbot technologies. Model transforms from 1:1 to 1:Many therapies while increasing the personalization.... With the innovative use of Computer Vision and AI, PHYSIOAI provides the enhanced capability of hyper personalization of therapy care plans for the patients while increasing the therapist capacity to monitor multiple therapies simultaneously with the PHYbot virtual therapist.


Functional Performance

Technology infusion, ensures hyper personalized therapies for a faster recovery of functional performance of the patient. ... Using a functional performance tests PhysioAI platform enables Therapists to look at the impairment holistically and design, measure, analyze multiple muscle & joint systems for regaining functional performance and bring the patient back to a level before the trauma or injury.

What makes PhysioAI different


Simple to use

Need just a smartphone or a laptop camera. No investments in other IoT device.



AI powered measurement of each movement for all joints & muscles, with an accuracy higher than traditional methods.



Seamlessly integrate the On-Site Physical and on-line virtual models, giving the liberty for anytime, anywhere therapy.



Never left alone. Always have the virtual therapist to coach, monitor, instruct and accompany while doing the therapies.

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